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I have had several requests from local charities to help with their 501c3 charity fund-raising.  Presently the only auctioneers that will provide a professional auction service for the southern Colorado area are in Denver.  We have researched ways to bring in the most money for your charity using silent and live auctions and are willing to provide this service at greatly reduced rates when compared to what the Denver area auctioneers charge.  Please call if you have questions or would like to meet with me to discuss the easiest way for your charity to raise the most money possible through silent and live auctions.  I provide all materials, personnel, and the energy to make your charity auction the most successful it can be.  This will NOT occur if you call me the week before your event...the longer we have to help you plan your fund raiser, the more money you will raise.  


Call me at 719.242.8928 and I will meet with you anywhere in Colorado.





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