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Antique Shop Closeout
Live Public Auction
Saturday February 3rd
2850 O'Neal Ave Pueblo
Doors Open at 8 am
Auction Starts at 9 am
Coins Start at 11 am 
Back Area Goes at 1:30 pm
Preview Friday February 2nd
Everything goes at No Reserve
Antique Shop Closeout with Lots of Man Cave Items
Clearing out a 15 year old antique shop with lots of primitives, cast iron, signs, fishing, hunting, trivets, books, duck decoys, tools, furniture, graded coins, vintage stuffed animals, including characters, sports cards, vintage perfume bottles, knives, graded coins, vintage/antique gas cans, World War II uniforms, antique crates, signed art, milk jugs, Pepsi and Coke collectibles, insulators, vintage signs, crocks, Native American art, vintage glassware, antique granite wear, antique scales, antique kitchenware of all sorts, antique planers, antique tools, antique traps, vintage and antique horse bits, pottery, fans, lanterns, vintage toys, vintage mason jars, vintage electronics, antique baskets, tractor seats, oil lamps, hubcaps, glassware and bottles, antique, saddlebags, horse collars, quilts, horse stirrups, antlers, tarps, army boxes, tools, Windmill, antique wooden wheels, antique toys, lawnmowers, cabinets for garage or kitchen, vintage, glider, vintage windows, comic books, shelves, loom, antique doors, antique mantle, new building fasteners, too much to list most came from an antique store and is tagged with dates and descriptions

Back Area 1:30 pm

Carts 3 & 4

Carts 7 & 8

Big Wall